Basic Design - Imagine the Possibilities!  We help you express yourself.

At Basic Design we provide fun, safe and beautiful transformations in the form of Face Painting, Body Art and Temporary Tattoos (both airbrushed and glittered).

Crowds will gather to watch us change both children and adults into all the things that they dream of...  butterflies, tigers, princesses, pirates, monsters, fairies, dragons, witches, cats, dogs or simply a work of art.
The list is as long as their imagination.

We paint at all sorts of events: holiday-birthday-or private parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, engagement parties, corporate promotions and store openings, festivals, barbeques and street fairs, to name but a few.

Our designs are customized to suit the theme of your event and will be age appropriate for the participant.

Safety & Hygiene: 

The face paints used are professional, water-based cosmetics and are FDA compliant. They have anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties and are designed specifically for use on the face and body. 
To avoid the spread of germs, we will not paint a person with cold sores, open wounds or a continuously runny nose. 

Instead, we will be happy to offer an alternative of a design on their arm or leg. We want all of our clients to be healthy and happy. 

Corporate Events - We paint at all sorts of events: 

Corporate promotions and store openings, festivals, holiday-birthday-or private parties, fun days, shows, barbeques and village fairs, to name but a few. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn how our services will enhance your event, large or small. 
By having Basic Design at your events you are providing: 

 Quality entertainment for all age groups - in your company’s name, building a family-friendly reputation for your company.

How does this all benefit you?

Good Will + Press Opportunities + Community Involvement = Customers


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